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The IRIS DMC is soliciting feedback and suggestions for enhancements to our Earth Model Collaboration (EMC) ( EMC has served as a community-supported repository of Earth models since 2011 and provides access to various Earth models in a uniform format (netCDF). Additionally, EMC provides multiple, web-based 2D visualization tools and downloadable 2D and 3D software tools for visualization and comparison. The EMC repository currently holds over 50 contributed models and 8 reference models. This model repository and related tools have proven quite popular, with regular usage and new model contribution.

As we plan the next-generation tools for EMC we would greatly appreciate input from the research community on which enhancements would be most useful. Ideas for new visualizations, new calculation capability, changes to existing interfaces, etc. are all welcome. For programmatic access, we will very likely be developing a web service interface to the model repository. Feedback on what features would be desirable from such an interface would also be welcome.

Please send your feedback and suggestions regarding the next generation of EMC tools to:

IRIS DMC Data Products Team

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