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Antelope is no longer distributed by the IRIS DMC. Please follow the links above to download the package directly from Boulder Real Time Technologies (BRTT).
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Antelope is an integrated collection of programs for data collection and seismic data analysis, and typically runs at the central processing site. It has been in development for over a decade and is deployed around the world.


Antelope runs in a UNIX environment on Sun Solaris, Linux X86 and X-Scale, and Macintosh OS X. Antelope has an open architecture, with extensive documentation of internal interfaces. There is already support for many common dataloggers and sensors, but other dataloggers, sensors, and novel devices may be integrated by the end user.

The Antelope real time system is built around a large, flexible, non-volatile ring buffer. Data acquisition modules communicate with data loggers, and leave data on the ring buffer. The ring buffer protocol provides a convenient method for directly importing data from other sites, as well as exporting data. Real time processing typically occurs on the ring buffer: programs take input from the ring buffer and write results to the ring buffer. For instance, the detector reads data from the ring buffer and writes detections to the orb. The grid associator reads the detections and quickly provides preliminary event locations. This architecture facilitates running multiple detectors or associators, and other refinements.

A relational database underlies Antelope real time processing. Waveforms, detections, events, and other data are saved from the ring buffer into the database. The analyst reviews data in the database, and there are database versions of programs corresponding to the real time processing software.

Antelope is a development environment. There is extensive documentation, allowing development of specialized software for site specific applications.

Antelope is developed by Boulder Real Time Technologies.


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