Software Downloads – ISPAQ v. 3.0.0


IRIS System for Portable Assessment of Quality (ISPAQ) is a command line application that calculates seismic data quality metrics locally, by leveraging MUSTANG R-code within a Python client. For LINUX and macOS.

The project is hosted on GitHub:


ISPAQ can calculate over 40 MUSTANG-style data quality metrics using either local miniSEED files or data available through any Data Center that supports FDSN web services. These metrics include basic trace statistics, metrics based on miniSEED state-of-health flags (if available), metrics based on event arrivals, and metrics derived from Power Spectral Densities (PSD). PSDs and Probability Density Functions (PDF) can be output as text files. PDFs can also be output as plots. All results are computed and stored on the user’s local machine.


Data Quality

External Developers

  • Jonathan Callahan, Mazama Science (MAZ)
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