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JWEED is the Java version of our popular event-related request tool WEED. JWEED is a Java program which can run on any platform that supports Java, including Mac, Linux, Windows, Oracle Solaris, etc.

JWEED is no longer under active development

Users should look into the PyWEED application, which is intended to cover most of the same use cases.


Using JWEED, a person can obtain station and earthquake information as well as download and plot timeseries data.

You can obtain data using JWEED using just a few steps:

  • Select some stations and/or select some events
  • Specify arrival times for each station or use a static time window
  • Download and view the data, then save files to disk

System Requirements

JWEED is designed to run on platforms running Oracle’s Java SE 7 or later. This software has been tested on Mac OS X 10.9, Windows 7, Ubuntu Linux 11-64, and CentOS 5-32. The software has been tested on VMWare virtual machine instances for some of these OS’s.

Minimum platform requirements:

  • Windows: Vista / Windows Server 2008
  • Mac: OS X 10.7.3
  • Linux: RHEL 5 / SUSE/OpenSUSE 11 / Ubuntu 10.10 / Fedora 14

Basic Operation

When first invoked, JWEED presents a screen with a map of the world. Above the map are pulldown menus with controls for modifying queries, data downloading, map control options and file saving and file loading controls.



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