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irisFetch 2.0.6 is minor enhancement and is a drop-in replacement for 2.0.x versions, all users should update.


Feb. 11, 2014



The Matlab library IRISFETCH allows seamless access to data stored within the IRIS-DMC as well as other data centers that implement FDSN web services. Routines are provided to access event (earthquake) information, station metadata, and time series data. All retrieved data is converted into structs for use in MATLAB scripts.


irisFetch allows seamless access to data stored within the IRIS-DMC via FDSN services

  • irisFetch waveform retrieval Methods:
    • Traces – retrieve sac-equivalent waveforms with channel metadata
  • irisFetch FDSN station webservice Methods:
    • Channels – retrieve metadata as an array of channels
    • Stations – retrieve metadata as an array of stations
    • Networks – retrieve metadata as an array of networks
  • irisFetch FDSN event webservice Methods:
    • Events – retrieve events parameters (such as origins and magnitudes) from a catalog
  • irisFetch miscelleneous Methods:
    • Resp – retrive RESP formatted response data from the irisws-resp service
    • version- display the current version number
    • connectToJar – attempt to connect to the required IRIS-WS JAR file
    • runExamples – displays and runs some sample queries to the web service.


Version 2.x of irisfetch requires version2.0.x of the IRIS-WS java library. Instructions on downloading the library are available from both the “manual” section of this page and from within the irisFetch.m program.

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