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Software Metadata – Categories: Data Collection Utilities

The following Data Collection Utilities packages are available for download. Click the package name to access the download page.

The Matlab library IRISFETCH allows seamless access to data stored within the IRIS-DMC as well as other data centers that implement FDSN web services. Routines are provided to access event (earthquake) information, station metadata, and time series data. All retrieved data is converted into structs for use in MATLAB scripts.

The purpose of Portable Data Collection Center (PDCC) is to enable seismic network operators to describe and maintain their instrument metadata in SEED format. Version 3.8 introduces an updated Station Clone Tool that allows the user to create new stations and modify critical differentiating fields in a simple tabular entry form. Blockettes are also represented in a more human-readable form. Other minor enhancements are also included.

This current Patch Level 2 release only changes the hostname contacted by the NRL Tool to look for instrument response files. Now references The functionality is identical otherwise.

Users of 3.8-pl1 can also change the NRL Tool configuration by editing the NRL/index.txt file in PDCC, or clicking on the Config button when running the NRL Tool and adding the entry there.