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The following SEED Readers packages are available for download. Click the package name to access the download page.

Evaluate response information and output to ASCII files using RESP files and StationXML files

A Java port of our classic rdseed application developed by ISTI.

A C library framework for manipulating and managing SEED data records. The library is known to work in most Unix/Linux environments (including Mac OSX) and in Win32 systems.

The project is hosted in GitHub:

Known Issues: rdseed 5.3.1 is the current release and has four primary issues that IRIS DMC staff are looking into.

  1. compatibility issues with summary files produced by JWEED 4.1 (Linux)
  2. segmentation faulting when attempting to produce SAC files with user-compiled code coupled with a JWEED summary file
  3. user difficulty building rdseed from source using the latest gcc (Linux, Mac)
  4. gain of CSS output for infrasound channels off by 10^9

IRIS currently has limited resources to support rdseed and response time regarding rdseed issues may be longer than normal. Nonetheless, we are endeavoring to put out new releases to address these reported problems. Thank you for your patience.

rdseed is IRIS DMC`s legacy utility for reading SEED volumes, the FDSN-approved file format for representing and distributing digital seismic data. This utility allows the user to read the contents of the SEED file and convert it to many different output formats, extracting the data, station information, or instrument responses from the file.

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