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Antelope is no longer distributed by the IRIS DMC. Please follow the links above to download the package directly from Boulder Real Time Technologies (BRTT).
Updated: 2013-05-21 09:15 PDT

Antelope is an integrated collection of programs for data collection and seismic data analysis, and typically runs at the central processing site. It has been in development for over a decade and is deployed around the world.

Evaluate response information and output to ASCII files using RESP files and StationXML files

This is a SeedLink plugin that collects data from an Earthworm export_? process. Usually the export_scn program is run on a host with access to the appropriate data; export_scn is a version of export_generic that will only transfer waveform data. While ewexport_plugin will accept any Earthworm messages only waveform data will be processed. Only waveform data in TRACEBUF packets will be processed, the plugin does not support the newer TRACEBUF2 packets.

A C library framework for manipulating and managing SEED data records. The library is known to work in most Unix/Linux environments (including Mac OSX) and in Win32 systems.

The project is hosted in GitHub:

A SeedLink client library written in C.

Converts miniSEED to SAC format. An optional metadata file may be supplied that contains values for the SAC headers that are not available in miniSEED. This converter should work in Linux/Unix/MacOSX and Windows.

The project is hosted in GitHub:

This is a SeedLink plugin to grab data from an Antelope ORB. The plugin packages any selected data streams coming into the Antelope ring buffer as 512-byte big-endian miniSEED records and sends them to the controlling SeedLink daemon. No “re-ordering” of data is performed, it is assumed that data comes into the ORB sequentially. This may cause unexpected behavior with data streams allowing out-of-order transmission/reception such as CD-1, likely resulting in many unfilled miniSEED records.

PQLX (PASSCAL Quick Look eXtended) is open-source software for evaluating seismic station performance and data quality.

This current P4 release is a patch release to address a potential compilation issue in the previous 2011.365.P1 release. More details can be found in the Revision History tab.

Known Issues: rdseed 5.3.1 is the current release and has four primary issues that IRIS DMC staff are looking into.

  1. compatibility issues with summary files produced by JWEED 4.1 (Linux)
  2. segmentation faulting when attempting to produce SAC files with user-compiled code coupled with a JWEED summary file
  3. user difficulty building rdseed from source using the latest gcc (Linux, Mac)
  4. gain of CSS output for infrasound channels off by 10^9

IRIS currently has limited resources to support rdseed and response time regarding rdseed issues may be longer than normal. Nonetheless, we are endeavoring to put out new releases to address these reported problems. Thank you for your patience.

rdseed is IRIS DMC`s legacy utility for reading SEED volumes, the FDSN-approved file format for representing and distributing digital seismic data. This utility allows the user to read the contents of the SEED file and convert it to many different output formats, extracting the data, station information, or instrument responses from the file.

The IRIS DMC distributes the Seismic Analysis Code (SAC) software for scientists conducting research using IRIS data. You must register with an online form to receive the SAC software.

SAC Version 101.6 introduced several new features including a new command parser that simplifies coding, improved precision for blackboard variables, colored fill for positive and negative portions of seismograms, and corrections of many errors and warnings.

Version 101.6a fixes bugs in v101.6 and adds a single-file PDF version of the SAC manual. Details can be seen from the detailed HISTORY of modifications files and brief overview of major CHANGES posted in the SAC project pages on SeisCode.

slarchive, a SeedLink client for archiving data streams.

slink2ew is a SeedLink client module for Earthworm.

The latest version is also available in the Earthworm source code repository and binaries are included in the Earthworm distribution.

slinktool, the all-in-one SeedLink client for data stream inspection, data collection and server testing.

The project is hosted in GitHub:

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