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August 14, 2021 12:29:08 (UTC), M7.2 Haiti region (USGS Executive summary page)

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At 12:29:08 UTC on August 14, 2021 a magnitude 7.2 earthquake occurred about 113 km SSE of Petit Trou de Nippes, Haiti (USGS Executive summary page)


GCMT The Global Centroid-Moment-Tensors from the GCMT project at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory are available through IRIS DMC SPUD. Click on image to to go to link.

Event Plots
IRIS EventPlots Body wave record sections are ‘combed’ to show the most even distribution of stations that meet a minimum signal to noise ratio criteria.

Back Projection
IRIS BackProjection The Back Projection (BP) product shows the beam formed time history and location of coherent short period P-wave energy generated by large earthquakes observed at three regional arrays and across the Global Seismic Network.

IRIS Aftershocks The Aftershocks product consists of an aftershock sequence animation, a map and other figures automatically generated for all events with magnitudes 7.0 and greater.

Surface-Wave Radiation Pattern
IRIS SWRP The Surface-Wave Radiation Pattern product shows the patterns of seismic energy radiation by azimuth around the epicenter for Rayleigh and Love waves.

Videos, Animations & Interactive Maps

Ayiti Sismologie Citoyenne en Haiti. Events recorded by Ayiti-Seismes community seismic network in Haiti. Click on image to to go to link.

IRIS EQ Browser
IRIS Earthquake Browser Click on image to browse a map of events that occurred in the same region (3-D view available).

USGS Interactive map
USGS Interactive Map USGS ShakeMap. Click on image to to go to link.

[*IRIS GMV *] Vertical-component North Polar Ground Motion Visualization (GMV).

USGS Executive summary page
GEOFON Program Event page
IRIS Data Products
IRIS DMC Event Page
USGS Earthquakes, @USG_Quakes
IRIS Earthquake Science, @IRIS_EPO


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