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GEObit SM1500

Nominal Response Library
Element sensor
Manufacturer GEObit
Model SM1500

Below is some configuration-specific information to help you locate your instrument response.

Full-Scale Voltage

Full-Scale Voltage is the range of voltages output by the sensor for the largest and smallest acceleration described by the clip level.To illustrate, if an accelerometer with a +/-4g clip level outputs +10V for a +4g signal and -10V for a -4g signal, the full-scale voltage is +/-10V. Here are three equivalent ways to express this:- the full scale voltage is +/- 10V,- the peak-to-peak voltage (Vpp) is 20V (+10 to -10), and - the peak voltage (Vp) is 10V.


The nominal sensitivity for an accelerometer in V/m/s**2 is

[Full-scale voltage / Clip level] / [9.80665 m/(g * s**2)]

Sensitivities for clip and full-scale voltage values not listed here can be calculated using this relationship and substituted.



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Clip Level
Full-Scale Voltage
High-Frequency Corner
Sensor Type
2g 10Vp 500 Hz 0.2753 V/m/s**2 groundAccel
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