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Taiwan.TTT.KWR.2012 (Kuo-Chen, Wu & Roecker, 2012) is based on a travel-time tomographic method from active- and passive-source experiments of Taiwan Integrated Geodynamic Research (TAIGER) and other permanent seismic networks. Totally, ~2800 stations are used. This page contains supplemental information on this model’s resolution.


The following images provide information on resolution of the Taiwan.TTT.KWR.2012 Earth model.


3D checkerboard resolution test

Travel times for the 1D background model with ±10 % anomalies in a checkerboard pattern, with ±0.1 sec random errors added, are used as input to the inversion. The sizes of the checkers are 20 km x 20 km x 10 km at shallow depths, increasing to 20 km x 20 km x 20 km and 20 km x 20 km x 30 km at greater depths. The resolution in the local tomography model is reasonable down to ~60 km depth in central Taiwan and ~90 km depth in northern Taiwan.

Citations and DOIs

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  • H. Kuo-Chen
  • F. T. Wu
  • S. W. Roecker


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