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EMC-MC35 A 1-D modified PEM-C S velocity model

MC35 reference Earth model is based on the continental Earth model PEM-C . MC35 replaces PEM-C ‘s high- and low-velocity zones of the uppermost mantle (to the depth of 210 km) with a constant shear-wave velocity of 4.5 km/s.

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EMC-PEM Parametric Earth Models

Parametric Earth Models (PEM) — Three models (Average, Continental & Oceanic) that were introduced by Dziewonski, Hales and Lapwood (1975) for which the radial variations of density and velocity are represented by piecewise continuous analytical functions of radius. All three models are identical below a depth of 420 km.

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EMC-ReferenceModels IRIS EMC - Reference Earth Models

Most of the EMC Earth models are expressed as perturbations relative to a particular 1-D reference Earth model. This page provides access to some reference Earth models that are hosted by EMC or hosted externally.

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