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EMC-PREM Preliminary Reference Earth Model

(referenced by GyPSum , SAW24B16 and as PREM500 by SAW642AN and SAW642ANb ) The Preliminary Reference Earth Model, Dziewonski and Anderson (1981) , is an average Earth model that incorporates anelastic dispersion and anisotropy and therefore it is frequency-dependent and transversely isotropic for the upper mantle.

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EMC-ReferenceModels IRIS EMC - Reference Earth Models

Most of the EMC Earth models are expressed as perturbations relative to a particular 1-D reference Earth model. This page provides access to some reference Earth models that are hosted by EMC or hosted externally.

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EMC-STW105 Reference Earth Model also known as REF

STW105 (also known as REF) is a transversely isotropic reference Earth model, Kustowski, Ekstrom and Dziewonski (2008).

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