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The following models are contributed to the IRIS EMC by various researchers. Linked model names point to a dedicated page for the model that provides model information and download links.

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EMC-SAW642ANb A global radially anisotropic mantle shear velocity model with improved crustal corrections

SAW642ANb, Panning, Lekic and Romanowicz (2010) , is a radially anisotropic shear velocity model of the mantel, parameterized in terms of isotropic S velocity (Voigt average) and the anisotropic parameter, xi (VSH2/VSV2). The waveform data used for this model consist of 3-component broad-band surface waveforms (short period corner of 80 seconds and cutoff of 60 seconds) as well as body waveforms (short period corner of 40 s and cutoff of 32 s). The spatial parameterization of the model is the same as SAW642AN , with 16 variably spaced cubic b-splines with depth, and level 4 spherical splines laterally. Model values are percent perturbation relative to the anisotropic reference model PREM500 .

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