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SWS-DB the Géosciences Montpellier SplitLab Shear-Wave Splitting Database

The SplitLab Shear-Wave Splitting Database is a mirror of the Géosciences Montpellier's SplitLab Shear-wave splitting database that provides access to this valuable database using the SPUD system and its customized Google Maps interface.

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SWS-DB-MST The Missouri S&T western and central United States shear-wave splitting database

The shear-wave splitting measurements for western and central United States is a teleseismic shear-wave splitting (SWS) database based on all the data from all the broadband seismic stations in North America that contains over 16,000 pairs of well-defined (and manually checked) SWS measurements for the western and central United States (west of 90°W).

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SWS-DBs Shear-wave splitting databases

The shear-wave splitting (SWS) databases data product provides the geosciences community with an easy access to two published databases:

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