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Infrasound TA Infrasound Data Products

To support USArray TA infrasound data set, the IRIS Data Management Center (DMC) has developed two infrasound data products: the TA Infrasound Reference Event Database (TAIRED ) and TA Infrasound Detections (TAID ). These two data products are designed to provide insight and tools for researchers to begin working with this large, and somewhat unique, new data set.

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TA infrasound detections are produced by regularly scanning the USArray Transportable Array broadband infrasound data (40 Hz BDF channel) and generating weekly detection lists.

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Infrasound-TAIRED TA Infrasound Reference Event Database

The TA Infrasound Reference Event Database (TAIRED) is a user-supported evolving database that serves as a reference event depository where researchers can contribute new events, provide a new solution for an existing event and find sample infrasound events for their use.

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HVSR Horizontal:Vertical Spectral Ratio (HVSR)


Status: Inactive
Last update: 2015-09-10

The horizontal to vertical spectral ratio (HVSR) of a station’s ambient noise provides useful information on its site response characteristics. The proposed product allows HVSR computations using available power spectral density (PSD) data and creates a site response database for the TA stations in Alaska.

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