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EMC IRIS Earth Model Collaboration

A repository of Earth models with the aim of providing the research community with access to various Earth models, visualization tools for model preview, facilities to extract model data/metadata and access to the contributed processing software and scripts.

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USArrayGMV The USArray Ground Motion Visualization

Visualizations of real data showing how seismic waves sweep across the USArray network of seismic stations. Watch how seismic waves from earthquakes in the US and around the world cause the ground to move at each seismometer.

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USArrayGMV-Super IRIS DS Super (Combined) GMVs

The Super or Combined GMVs are created using multiple events from the same source area with 1 to 1.5 years time spacing. Such time spacing allows more complete coverage by The USArray Transportable Array (TA) stations as it rolls eastward.

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SeisSound The Audio/Video Seismic Waveform Visualization

The SeisSound Visualization is an audio/video-based IRIS DMC data product that illustrates the frequency and amplitude content of seismograms. Conveying the seismograms frequency content both visually and audibly produces a better understanding of their spectral content.

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