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Date Product Event Categories
2010-02-25 GMV GMV online, automated production of GMV started
2010-04-20 EARS EARS moved to IRIS DMC and became an IRIS DMC data product
2010-10-20 GMV 3-component GMVs online
2011-02-01 EventPlots Event Plots online
2011-03-24 GMV Customized GMV online
2011-08-01 MomentTensor Global CMTs released
Global CMTs released
2011-08-01 EMTF MT Transfer Functions released
MT Transfer Functions released
2011-10-01 BackProjection BackProjection R1 (Fortran) online
2011-11-14 EMC EMC online
2012-02-01 EMC Generalized X-section Viewer
2012-03-21 SWS-DB online with the Géosciences Montpellier database
2012-03-21 SWS-DBs online with the Géosciences Montpellier database
2012-06-01 SeisSound Released
2012-06-01 ANCC-CIEI WUS ANCC online
2012-06-16 PDF-PSD Released
2012-09-15 Infrasound-TAIRED Released TA Infrasound Reference Event Database
2012-09-15 Infrasound Released the TA Infrasound Reference Event Database (TAIRED)
2012-10-01 ShakeMovieSynthetics Global ShakeMovie Synthetics released
Global ShakeMovie Synthetics released
2012-11-20 Infrasound-TAID Released the TA Infrasound Detections (TAID)
2012-11-20 Infrasound Released the TA Infrasound Detections (TAID)
2013-06-12 EMERALD Release of EMERALD,
2013-09-04 EARS EARS started utilizing DMC web services
2013-10-01 EMTF MT XML Transfer Functions
MT XML Transfer Functions
2013-10-22 GMV Super GMVs online
2013-12-01 EQEnergy EQEnergy online at IRIS
2014-03-01 SourceTimeFunction SourceTimeFunction online
2014-03-19 EMC Added supplemental information page option for the Earth Model
2014-03-21 SWS-DB-MST Added Missouri S&T shear-wave splitting database
2014-03-21 SWS-DBs Added Missouri S&T shear-wave splitting database
2014-04-17 EARS Removed dependency on the USGS/NEIC weekly PDE (WHDF) catalog
2014-04-28 EnvelopeFunctions Initial release
2014-06-01 electronicsupplement ElectronicSupplement online
2014-06-06 ASWMS ASWMS online at IRIS
2014-09-18 globalstacks Global stacks released
2014-10-24 Noise Toolkit Noise Toolkit release
2014-10-24 Noise Toolkit PDF/PSD bundle release
2014-12-17 Aftershocks R1 Aftershocks online
2015-01-20 EARS Migrated from Oracle to PostgreSQL database
2015-04-16 GlobalEmpiricalGreensTensors Global Empirical Green's Tensors released
2015-06-13 EMC EMC 3D Visualizer released
2015-08-26 Noise Toolkit Microseism Energy bundle release
2015-08-26 Noise Toolkit ME Noise Toolkit ME released
2015-10-05 GMV Expanded to include Alaska
2015-10-29 Noise Toolkit Polarization Release V.1.0
2015-12-10 syngine Syngine online
2016-03-01 EMTF MT Transfer Functions citation
Survey DOI attribution and citation preferences enabled
2016-03-07 PDF-PSD Retired
2016-06-15 Infrasound-AELUMA Released
2017-12-12 ESEC Released
2020-11-16 Noise Toolkit Polarization Release V.2.0.0
2020-11-16 Noise Toolkit V.2.0.0 Release
2021-11-01 BackProjection BackProjection R2 (Python 3) online
13:52:42 v.22510d55