List of network reports at Managing Data from Seismic Networks, Hanoi, Vietnam

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Time Author Network Report Title Country
Time Author Network Report Title Country
Friday, September 11, 2015
00:00 Zheng Xuifen DMC of China National Seismic Network China
00:00 Eugenio Soares Timor Leste Seismic Status Timor-Leste
00:00 Jasur Yuldashev Digital Seismic Network of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
00:00 Dinh Quoc Van Seismological Network and Earthquake Activity in Vietnam Vietnam
16:00 Niraj Shjakya RIMES Thailand
16:00 Min-Hung Shih Introduction to the Broadband Array in Taiwan (BATS) Taiwan
16:00 Yi-Jing Lo Taiwan 24-bit Real Tim Seismic Data System Taiwan
20:30 Bharat Prasad Koirala Seismic Network in Nepal Nepal
20:30 Mathew Moihoi Seismic Network in PNG Papua New Guinea
20:30 Waqas Ali Seismic Instruments and Data Acquisition Systems at MSSP Pakistan
Saturday, September 12, 2015
00:45 Ahmad Rifaie National Tsunami Early Warning System-MMD Malaysia
00:45 Moosa Saeed Seismic Network Maldives
00:45 Yin Myo Min Seismic Network in Myanmar Myanmar
Tuesday, September 15, 2015
17:00 Anna Berezina Kyrgyz System of Seismic Monitoring (KIS) Kyrgyzstan
17:00 Azamat Sharshevaev Seismic Monitoring Network of CAIAG Kyrgyzstan
18:00 Setyoajie Prayoedhie Seismic Monitoring for Indonesia Tsunami Early Warning System Indonesia
18:00 Inna Sokolova KAZNET Kazakhstan
23:15 Mohamaed Kabir Earthquake Monitoring System and Information Products Bangladesh
23:15 Ugyen Dorji Bhutan's Seismic Network System Bhutan
23:15 Nasir Mahmood Seismic Monitoring Capabilities of Pakistan Pakistan
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