Thread: converting sac file to time domain

Started: 2013-12-14 06:04:22
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2013-12-14 06:04:22
dear All

i've just started my research regarding seismic microzonation that use
strong ground motion of earthquake as prime subject to be analyzed in term
of signal processing. I've found a thousands data in IRIS website which is freely downloadable in some
extension files (ie. *.sac, *.smc, *.seed, *.ascii, etc).

My question is, how to convert those files into time domain, hence it can
be analyzed much easier for beginner user.

I've been trying downloading IRIS software to open these files, unluckly,
all of software are just usable in LINUX/MAC operating system. Is there any
software to interprate it into Windows OS.

Thanks you very much for all your kind attention and help.

Best Regards

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