Thread: SAC version 10.1

Started: 2005-12-28 03:05:24
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Arthur Snoke
2005-12-28 03:05:24
I traced down communications regarding versions of sac, etc. Here is a

As Brian Savage noted, the proposed version 100.1 was not posted to IRIS
on June 1, in spite of what the History file says. That version was sent
to IRIS by Peter Goldstein on August 4. The delay was caused by some
problems related to the additions made to 100.0 not working on all
platforms, and it was not until late July that we felt comfortable with
sending it up.

Another problem is that IRIS changed listserv providers (from majordomo to
mailman) at the end of July, which affected communication.

Here is an excerpt from a message I sent to the advisory committee on
August 6 that touches on some of the issues we had been dealing with.

<<The version 100.1 beta (both source and binaries) available from IRIS is
as of July 26. It has several bug fixes, which can be seen in the
sac/CHANGES file. We are finding some portability problems for binary
distributions between Mac 10.3.9 and 10.4. Binaries built using 10.3.9
will work on 10.4.2, but not vice versa. We are trying to build sac on
Solaris 10, and have not succeeded yet.

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