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2015-05-05 12:14:32
Thanks, the problem is solved now.


On 5 May 2015 14:41, Prashidha Kharel <prashidha.kharel<at>> wrote:


It is working now.

Thank you,

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在 2015年5月5日,上午9:46,Prashidha Kharel <prashidha.kharel<at>> 写道:

g sac-101.6a to my Mac OS 10.10.3 from the source code. The error message I get after exciting the code "make >> ../" is appended to the end of this email.

I had the same problem and I fix it. The problem is in the “libedit”. It seems that the libedit in sac-101.6a is outdate in Mac os 10.10 or later, so you have to use the new version of libedit to replace it in sac. The new version is  in the end of the email. And you will also need to edit the makefile is libedit. I think it’s not hard. If you can’t deal with this, pleas contact me.
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