Thread: OSOP and gempa are launching an IndieGoGo campaign!

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Branden Christensen
2015-07-03 23:22:52
Hi all:

Buenas tardes!

OSOP and gempa are launching their *first crowdfunding campaign* on July
15th at* IndieGoGo*!

We are crowdfunding a sensitive better-than-MEMS accelerometer and *earthquake
early warning (EEW) device* called "Brinco", which means “jump” in Spanish.

Brinco is a networked $189 accelerometer that is Wifi enabled and has the
capability to deliver an audio message. All Brincos will connect to
distributed data centers where fast location and magnitude calculation will
be done. The the data servers will return a custom message to the
appropriate Brinco with an audio warning. For example a message might be:
“Mild shaking expected in 25 seconds, no danger of Tsunami.” or “Mild
shaking in 10 seconds, no need to worry.”

A few seconds of time can be enough for people to leave their house and
move to more open spaces or simply to “Drop, Cover and Hold On.” Brinco
can give a person those few seconds.

In addition, for coastal communities Brinco can give up to a few hours
warning of coming Tsunamis.

We have been working on this project for over two years and in just a few
days it will get its test of fire: the campaign. We are
writing now to ask you for your comments and support. The simplest way to
participate is to acquire a Brinco during the campaign, launching in
mid-July. Another way is to pass this message on to your email and social
media contacts. Brinco has its own pre-launch web page at where you can get more details and sign up for the
Brinco mailing list, please take a second and take a look.

Thanks for spreading the word. And we would love to hear your comments,
suggestions and feedback on the project.

Kind Regards from Panamá and Germany,

*Ángel, Bernd, Branden & Jan*

*Follow Brinco at:*

Facebook : osopa
Instagram : osopsa
Twitter : osopa

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