Thread: ws-station service 1.2.2

Started: 2011-04-12 15:58:52
Last activity: 2011-04-12 15:58:52
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Yazan Suleiman
2011-04-12 15:58:52
Hello webservice users,

The DMC has updated it's ws-station service:

For users parsing the StationXML returned by ws-station be aware that a new <Network> element that encases all appropriate <Station> elements has been added to the output.

For users of the DMC's Fetch scripts no change is required.

The changes include:
Add "Network" level element new to StationXML and a "net" level of results that returns only network information.
Fix searching by radius, a station date timezone issue, and other small fixes.
Web services team
06:08:13 v.f0c1234e