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Started: 2011-09-12 22:18:53
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Bruce Weertman
2011-09-12 22:18:53
Hello Webservice users,

The DMC is pleased to announce the release of the ws-evalresp

The ws-evalresp service evaluates channel response metadata held in
the IRIS-DMC's database
and can return amplitude-phase Bode plots as well as ASCII text files.

This webservice should be useful to users who wish to visualize
instrument response and to those who
wish to obtain evaluated instrument response in the frequency domain.

As with most of our other webservices, ws-evalresp accepts simple HTTP
GET query parameters.

Example Usage

Bode plot output:

ASCII (frequency, amplitude, phase) output:

ASCII (frequency, real, imaginary) output:


A detailed description of the webservice can be found by visiting

As with other IRIS webservices, we provide a URL "Builder" webpage
form intended to facilitate the understanding calling conventions:

These two links are are available on ws-evalresp main page which also
contains detailed parameter usage.


IRIS Web Services Team.

  • Bruce Weertman
    2011-09-27 23:12:19
    Hello Webservice users,

    We would like to inform you that ws-bulkdataselect has been upgraded
    to version 1.4.0

    There were two main changes made.

    (1) To better track data shipments, the internal logging of delivered
    data is now done at a finer level of resolution.

    (2) The internal structure of the web pages associated with the web
    service have been simplified.

    We do not anticipate that users of ws-bulkdataselect will notice these

    However, if you notice any problems, please feel free to drop us a


    IRIS Web Services Team.

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