Thread: event service revision history, names and bad links

Started: 2011-11-07 21:21:56
Last activity: 2011-11-07 21:21:56
Topics: Web Services
Philip Crotwell
2011-11-07 21:21:56
The revision history for the event service is somewhat empty, although
I guess seeing that you are running version X.X is somewhat
interesting! :)

This page is also missing a few services, including the event one.

This page seem to not have style info associated with it. It also has
a bad link in the breadcrumbs, pointing to /hq/ws instead of /ws.

There appear to be two different names for many of the web services,
for example "ws-station" is used in some places and "station" is used
in others. It would be helpful if there was a consistent naming
convention. I know I often have a hard time knowing what to call these


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