Thread: polezeros - error handling

Started: 2006-10-12 20:37:34
Last activity: 2006-10-12 20:37:34
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Garrett Euler
2006-10-12 20:37:34
I encountered an error (ERROR 2118: No transfer function applied.) when attempting to remove the instrument response with the following polezeros:

-0.0048 0.0000
-0.0729 0.0000
-18.4725 18.8458
-18.4725 -18.8458
-33.9245 0.0000
-118.8514 0.0000
CONSTANT 4.439785e+15

I dug into it a little and found this only occured when attempted on linux (worked fine on solaris). Both running 100.1. Then I kept digging and found that it will work if you change the CONSTANT value by any amount (like to 4.439786e+15). Changing the poles did not remove the error. I changed other polezero files to match these values and they then threw the error too. It throws the error when applied to any sac file. So it looks like there is a small problem with handling the CONSTANT. When I hit these bugs my macro seemingly halts and I have to manually type "q <enter>" to get out of the macro and continue my other scripts.

Here is my question: is there a good way to handle errors thrown by sac? I would like to not have to baby my scripts and make sure they aren't halted in a sac macro. Is there a way to force an exit from within the macro when an error occurs?


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