Thread: evalresp Question

Started: 2007-01-25 04:12:21
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Eoin Haugh
2007-01-25 04:12:21

I'm trying to use 'evalresp' on some data with a transfer function coefficient
of type B in the 'Response (Coefficients)'.
When I try to do so I get an error message of the following form:

parse_coeff; parsing(FIR_ASYM), unexpected filter type('B'),
skipping to next response now

The output file that results gives a blank trace.

I have found, just through messing about with it, that changing the 'B' to a 'D'
in the RESP file removes the error message, and gives me a trace. Is it okay to
do this or does it (as I suspect) change the output from what it should be?

(I've looked in the parse_fctns.c source code, and it appears that it only
allows 'D' to be read without error. But I only glanced through it very
quickly, so I'm not sure about that. Is this the case?)



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