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Michael Hubenthal
2008-02-15 22:48:19
Here is an opportunity that comes from the Joint Oceanographic
Institutes that may be of interest to some of you.

Deep Earth Academy Teacher Fellowship

The Consortium for Ocean Leadership is seeking an enthusiastic
teacher for a
one-year fellowship in Washington, DC. The teacher will work with Deep
Earth Academy staff to develop ocean science curricula, produce
teacher-training workshops, maintain communication within a community of
educators and assist with conference logistics. The position requires a
minimum of 3 years classroom science teaching experience, a strong
background in earth or ocean sciences, and temporary relocation to
Washington, DC. Strong writing and computer technology skills are a
Salary will be commensurate to incumbent’s current salary. Full time and
part-time schedules will be considered.

To apply for the position, send a cover letter, resume, curriculum
sample or
list of professional development offerings and three letters of
reference to
learning<at> or mail to Deep Earth Academy, 1201 New
Avenue NW, 4th floor, Washington, DC, 20005 by Monday, March 3,
2008. For
more information visit

Michael Hubenthal
Education Specialist
IRIS Consortium

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