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Professional Development

professional development

Explore the interface between cutting-edge seismology and pedagogy in
our standards-driven workshops lead by seismologists and science
educators. Our sessions are offered at regional or national conferences,
or through customized short-courses designed to meet local school
districts' or regional education service centers' needs. In an IRIS
Professional Development Workshop participants will be encouraged to
become engaged with the scientific content, data and learning materials...

* as an active participant learning through demonstrations, computer
modeling, and hands-on activities.
* as an educator, aware of how your students will interact with the
materials and activities, and
* as an peer, providing feedback and suggestions to the presenters and
the other participants.

Topics covered include: causes of earthquakes, earthquakes and plate
tectonics, propagation of seismic waves, seismographs, earthquake
locations, statistics and seismology data, Earth's interior structure,
earthquake hazards and local seismicity.

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