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2016-07-19 17:27:34
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Candace Major
National Science Foundation

We are searching for a new Program Director with expertise in marine geophysics. The position is with the Marine Geology and Geophysics Program in the Division of Ocean Sciences at the National Science Foundation (NSF). The job includes managing merit review of proposals; working with scientists in the US academic sector and other interested parties to foster outstanding, innovative research; and helping to oversee facilities including those supporting marine seismic research (e.g., the Ocean Bottom Seismometer Pool (OBSIP), multi-channel seismics) and cyberinfrastructure for marine geology and geophysics.

More information is provided in the following links: (permanent position) and (temporary or rotator position). Please contact the Search Committee chair (Candace Major, MGG Program Lead, cmajor<at> or 703 292 7597) with any questions. APPLICATION DEADLINE IS AUGUST 25, 2016.

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