Thread: traveltime function gives error

Started: 2007-10-30 08:55:47
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Tuna Eken
2007-10-30 08:55:47

Hi all,

I am fedoracor7 user ...

One of the sub-signal-stacking (SSS) function, namely traveltime, is giving
error , i.e. segmentation fault after when I read the data and return for
instance the following command.

SAC> r a.sac
SAC> chnhdr kt0
SAC> chnhdr t1 0
SAC> chnhdr kt1
SAC> chnhdr t2 0
SAC> chnhdr kt2
SAC/SSS> traveltime model iasp91 depth 32 phase S picks 0
Segmentation fault

Any idea from someone who had experinced same problem before? Or am I using a
problematic version with a deficit or bug ?

best regards
tuna eken

08:40:24 v.01697673