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Institution: University of Lisbon
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The EARTHSYSTEMS program gathers a multidisciplinary group of geophysicists, meteorologists, oceanographers, geodesists, geologists, geochemists, biologists and statisticians, based at the University of Lisbon (UL) and at the Portuguese Institute for the Atmosphere and Ocean (IPMA), with a common interest in Earth processes: control of Climate in different time scales; influence on natural resources distribution and characteristics; effect on major natural hazards; and impact on sustainable development. The proposed program emphasizes a quantitative, mathematically based, approach to Earth Science, merging students and researchers from different disciplines, and aiming to contribute to the development of cutting edge ideas and tools for Earth System analysis and modelling.

PhD students supported by the EARTHSYSTEMS grants, will be enrolled in one of the three PhD Programs at the University of Lisbon: Geophysical and Geoinformation Sciences, Geology, or Marine Sciences, depending on their background and research interests.

Students will be selected by a multidisciplinary committee, considering 3 main criteria: academic CV, motivation letter and personal interview. CV must include final marks in degrees completed, a list of marks in individual courses and a list of publications. The motivation letter must indicate 2 of the research topics ordered by preference. The committee will interview a selected number of candidates. The assignment of research topics will then be negotiated with the selected students.

Applications must be sent by e-mail (earthsystems<at> until the 30th September 2016.

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