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Anthony Lowry
2016-11-01 22:42:23
Doctoral Research Fellowship Opportunity: Lithospheric Dynamics at Utah
State University

The Geophysics group in Utah State University's Department of Geology is
offering a Presidential Doctoral Research Fellowship to begin Fall of 2017.

Project Description: For a half-century, the solid Earth sciences has
maintained a paradigm that mantle temperature variations drive tectonics.
However new observations suggest that hydration is an important contributor
to variations in buoyancy, strength, and phase that promote tectonism. This
research initiative will combined constraints from seismic and electrical
imaging, gravity, mineral physics and advanced numerical modeling to
examine the role of hydration in buoyancy and dynamics of rifting in the
western U.S. and East Africa.

We are seeking a curiosity-driven student with strong quantitative and
geoscience skills and interests in Earth science applications in
geodynamics and natural hazards. For more information, contact Tony Lowry <
tony.lowry<at>>. The deadline for application to this PDRF opportunity
is January 7, 2017.

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