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Hongfeng Yang
the Chinese University of Hong Kong

2-3 PhD students are sought to work on seismological topics within the Earth System Science Programme, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Our current research interests focus on (1) Subduction zone dynamics and megathrust earthquakes, and (2) Induced seismicity associated with shale gas production and natural gas injection/extraction. To find more about the research projects please check out the website

Candidates should have a broad interest in earthquake physics. Experience in seismic data processing is desired. Successful candidates must meet doctoral admission requirements of the university ( Assistantships (TA/RA) will be offered at HK$15,600 per month. Outstanding candidates will be recommended for the Hong Kong PhD fellowship (HK$20,000 monthly salary + HK$10,000 for research travel, see

Deadline of applications is January 31st, 2017. (Hong Kong PhD fellowship deadline is December 1st, 2016).

For further information, please send inquiries to Prof. Hongfeng Yang (hyang<at>

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