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Katee Vallad
National Ecological Observatory Network


Location: Boulder, CO, US
Worker Category :Regular Full-Time

Battelle and its affiliate, Battelle Ecology, Inc. manages and operates the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEONTM)project, which is solely funded by the National Science Foundation. A 30+ year project dedicated to understanding how changes in climate, land use and invasive species impact ecology, the observatory’s scientists and engineers are collecting a comprehensive range of ecological data on a continental scale across 20 eco-climatic domains representing US ecosystems. Our teams use cutting-edge technology, including an airborne observation platform that captures images of regional landscapes and vegetation; mobile, relocatable, and fixed data collection sites with automated ground sensors to monitor soil and atmosphere; and trained field crews who observe and sample populations of diverse organisms and collect soil and water data. Once structures are completed, a leading edge cyberinfrastructure will calibrate, store and publish this information. The Observatory includes more than 500+ personnel and is the first of its designed to detect and enable forecasting of ecological change at continental scales.


COOPEUS (COOPeration EU and US) is a jointly funded program from the European Union (H2020) and in the United States by the National Science Foundation. It aims to make the informatics interoperable among several large-scale environmental science observatories in the EU, US, and elsewhere. These large-scale environmental observatories are based around geodesy (IRIS, PBO, and EPOS, space weather (AMISR, and EISCAT, deep oceans (OOI, and EMSO, carbon (Battelle-NEON, and ICOS, and Biodiversity (Battelle - NEON, and Lifewatch This effort also engages many other partners, such as, DataOne, EarthCube, GEOSS, GCOS GEO-BON, NOAA, Fluxnet, etc.

This position is based at the Battelle - National Ecological Observatory Network, which is a nonprofit science corporation dedicated to understanding how changes in climate, land use and invasive species impact ecology. Currently under design is the NEON project - an observatory comprising more than 60 environmental and biological monitoring locations distributed throughout twenty domains across the United States, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. These observations will be monitored and controlled in real-time from our headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

We are seeking qualified candidates to fill a position as a staff scientist/project manager to engage, broaden participation, implement and coordinate COOPEUS partnerships and planned activities. This position is to support the US Observatories in this endeavor and work closely with their international counterparts to achieve COOPEUS’s goals. This position is located in Boulder, CO at the Headquarters for the Battelle -National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) (

Must have permanent authorization for US employment. 1 Year Term with possibility of renewal (grant pending)

This position is located in Boulder, CO at the Headquarters for the Battelle -National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)

• Coordinate and collaborate with scientists to achieve a common goal.
• Implement CoopEUS Strategic plan, and seek creative opportunities to leverage successful implementation
• Coordinate, guide and present information at meetings. Review and discuss quantitative analysis of science-relevant data.
• Develop science-relevant organizational designs in conjunction with other disciplines.
• Manage schedules and deliverable timelines (integrated cross-team schedules).
• Interact with partners(s) to develop, create and envision new science projects/programs.
• Provide input for and take leadership on writing grants, reports, professional publications, and/or proposals.
• Follow NEON and site specific environmental protection requirements, policies and procedures.


• Doctorate or Master’s Degree with +2 y of experience in a science field from an accredited college or university in ecology, environmental science, informatics, data science, or a related field (soil science, biometeorology, ecosystem science, micrometeorology, ecology, biology, biogeochemistry, or botany).
• Doctorate or Master’s Degree in +2 y of experience in Systems Engineering, or related engineering or project science field.

We recognize that the candidate cannot be an expert in all these science disciplines; rather we expect a depth of understanding in at least five of these areas and the programmatic skills to apply this understanding to other science areas.

• Experience in managing others to achieve a common goal (not necessarily in a supervisory role),
• Experience in running effective meetings;
• Experience with quantitative analysis of science-relevant data;
• Experience working in a collaborative scientific or engineering enterprise;
• Development of science-relevant observational designs in conjunction with other disciplines;
• Manage schedules and deliverable timelines (integrated cross-team schedules,
• Interact with client(s) to envision new science projects/programs;
• Experience delivering a final product from concept to deployment,
• A strong demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in both written and oral forms, strong writing skills.
• A strong demonstrated ability to publish papers in scientific or engineering journals.
• Proven experience in grant, report, professional publications, and/or proposal writing.
• Ability to think critically and synthesize diverse information.
• Ability to travel during the year, plus travel to conferences; may require international travel.
• Ability to interact and communicate across diverse institutions and disciplines.
• Demonstrated problem-solving and communication skills.
• Desired experience in a technical management role.
• Ability to work independently and in a cross functional team environment.
• Must be detailed oriented and possess above average analytical, verbal, and written communication skills.
• Aware of-, or worked with-, issues germane to informatics, open-access data, intellectual property rights, community commons, data life-cycle management, technical standards for data, and data policies.
• Aware of-, or worked with-, initiatives for overcoming barriers to integration due to differences in scientific, technical, or governance norms.
• Understanding of different (science) governance structures.

Must possess a current and valid State issued driver’s license with insurable Department of Motor vehicle record (parking violations, minor driving offenses excluded) as determined by Battelle Ecology Inc.’s insurance provider.

Must have permanent authorization for US employment. Battelle Ecology, Inc. will not provide any kind of visa sponsorship.

This position offers competitive total rewards including 401(k), health, vision and dental insurance, paid time off and the opportunity to work at an organization with a great mission.

Battelle Ecology, Inc. provides employment and opportunities for advancement, compensation, training, and growth according to individual merit, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age, genetic information, or disability. Our goal is for each staff member to have the opportunity to grow to the limits of their abilities and to achieve personal and organizational objectives. We will support positive programs for equal treatment of all staff and full utilization of all qualified employees at all levels within Battelle Ecology, Inc.

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