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Diego Melgar
2016-12-21 16:52:40
Colleagues we invite you to submit an abstract to the SZO session at the
SSA meeting in Denver:

*The Subduction Zone Observatory*

The subduction zone observatory (SZO) concept is a multidisciplinary
facility stretching along a significant portion of one or more of the
circum-Pacific subduction zones, providing a comprehensive suite of onshore
and offshore observations to understand the entire subduction zone
system.The success, knowledge, and experience of EarthScope provides a
launching point for the creation of such a facility. The observatories goal
is to provide an integrated, interdisciplinary approach, with broad
international participation, to understand subduction zones as complex
systems. SZO research will illuminate the underlying processes that govern
subduction zones at multiple temporal and length scales, from earthquake
rupture to long-term tectonics, and have significant societal relevance,
given the population centers adjacent to subduction zones are subject to
earthquake-, tsunami-, and volcano-related hazards.Seismological, geodetic,
and tsunami related investigations are fundamental to the SZOs goals. *We
invite contributions that address the basic question of what the science
targets of the SZO should be. Furthermore we encourage contributions from
recent results in subduction zone science and hazards that exemplify the
potential advantages of a multidisciplinary and international facility.*

Session Chairs:

Diego Melgar
*<dmelgar<at> <dmelgar<at>>>*Lee Liberty
*<lliberty<at> <lliberty<at>>>*Jeff Maguire
We hope to see you there!

Diego Melgar, PhD

Assistant Researcher
Seismological Laboratory
University of California Berkeley

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