Thread: SSA 2017 special session on "Earthquake Impacts on the Natural and Built Environment"

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We invite you to consider submitting an abstract to "Earthquake Impacts on
the Natural and Built Environment." See the full session description below.
Note that the abstract deadline is January 11th, 2017, abstracts can be
submitted here

Earthquake Impacts on the Natural and Built Environment

In this session, we invite presentations on earthquake effects and their
impacts. This includes models of landslides, liquefaction, lateral
spreading, surface fault rupture, building damage, and
infrastructure/lifeline performance, as well as broader multi-hazard impact
analyses. We encourage submissions on empirical and analytical models,
sensitivity analyses, data analyses, and scenario exercises. Given the
challenges of linking secondary effects and their impacts to simplified
shaking parameters, we also encourage submissions on innovative
parameterizations of ground motion shaking intensity to account for
cumulative energy, frequency content, and duration effects. Similarly, we
hope to include recent developments on proxies for predicting the
likelihood and the spatial distribution of earthquake ground failure
Session Chairs

Eric Thompson <emthompson<at>>

Kate Allstadt <kallstadt<at>>

Kishor Jaiswal <kjaiswal<at>>

Nilesh Shome <nilesh.shome<at>>

Kate Allstadt
Research Geophysicist
USGS Geologic Hazards Science Center
Mailing address: Box 25046, DFC, MS 966, Denver, CO 80225
Street address: 1711 Illinois St., Golden, CO 80401
phone: (303) 273-8570

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