Thread: SSA session: Recent Advances in Very Broadband Seismology

Started: 2017-01-04 22:44:44
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Please consider submitting to our SSA session: Recent Advances in Very
Broadband Seismology

We look forward to submissions that examine either the long-period or
high-frequency ends of the seismic wavefield and our ability to accurately
record these extremes. Other submissions of general interest in seismic
instrumentation are also encouraged.

Thank you,

Adam Ringler <aringler<at>>
David Wilson <dwilson<at>>
Robert Anthony <reanthony<at>>

Session Description: Observational seismology is fundamentally limited by
our ability to record seismic signals across a very large bandwidth. The
sensitivity of modern seismic instrumentation to non-seismic noise sources
as well as other undesirable signals can limit our ability to record
seismic events with high fidelity. The purpose of this session is to
communicate recent advances in seismic instrumentation and deployment
methods, as well as observations that highlight the heavy demands on
instrumentation of very broadband seismology. Abstracts that highlight
recent advances, techniques, or methods for seismic instrumentation,
seismic network advances, or advances in Earthquake Early warning
instrumentation are encouraged. We also encourage abstracts that focus on
long-period or high-frequency seismology that could show limitations in our
ability to record such signals.

Abstract deadline: 11 January 2017

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