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Abhijit Ghosh
2017-01-09 19:06:22
Dear colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention to the special session on the wide spectrum of fault slip. Please consider submitting an abstract to the session.


Varied Modes of Fault Slip and their Interactions – Slow Earthquakes, Creep to Mega Quakes
Faults show a diverse mode of slips from slow earthquakes, shallow creep to supershear rupture and damaging fast megathrust earthquakes. Slow earthquakes appear to play an important role in the seismic cycles of major faults. They typically occur at the edges of the seismogenic zone, and radiate seismic energy in the form of tremor, low and very low frequency earthquakes. Slow slips are often inferred to be the driving mechanism of migrating swarms of regular fast micro-earthquakes. Regular earthquakes including large damaging megathrust quakes, on the other hand, seem to show different source characteristics. How these different modes of fault slip operate and interact remains an enigma. In addition, frictional properties that control these modes are poorly understood. We invite abstracts on the diverse behavior of fault slip including but not limited to slow slip, tremor, low and very low frequency earthquakes, aseismic slip, fault creep and fast megathrust earthquakes. Multidisciplinary studies incorporating observations and modeling focusing on the mechanism and interactions of different modes of fault slip are encouraged.
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Abhijit Ghosh
Assistant Professor
Department of Earth Sciences
University of California Riverside
Office: Geology Building

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