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Xiaowei Chen
2017-01-10 14:10:55
Dear Colleagues,

The SSA abstract deadline is fast approaching! Please consider submitting your abstract to the following special session.

Abstract deadline: January 11, 2017

Earthquake interaction and triggering: from near field to far field, from natural to induced

Unraveling patterns and mechanisms of earthquake triggering is important for understanding earthquake occurrence and seismic hazard forecast. For example, aftershocks are consequences of static and/or dynamic stress perturbations from mainshocks. Whereas static-stress triggering is most effective at near field, dynamic-stress triggering has been widely reported to cause earthquakes and nonvolcanic tremor remotely. Recent studies show dynamic triggering is common in the near-to-intermediate field, and capable to cause damaging earthquakes. Faults near oil-and-gas and geothermal fields are also highly susceptive to dynamic triggering. Such observations lead to questions regarding fault friction properties, tectonic stress conditions, and fault hydraulic responses. This session discusses new observations and models related to earthquake interaction and triggering. We invite contributions from studies of near-field to remote earthquake triggering and studies of natural and anthropogenically induced earthquake interactions. We also solicit research of hydro-mechanical modeling and dynamic simulations of fault interactions, which incorporate laboratory experiments and field observations.

Invited speakers:
Dr. Zhigang Peng and Dr. Aaron Velasco

Session Chairs:
Wenyuan Fan <w3fan<at><w3fan<at>>>
Andy Barbour <abarbour<at><abarbour<at>>>
Xiaowei Chen <xiaowei.chen<at><xiaowei.chen<at>>

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