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Please share these internship opportunities widely!

We welcome applications for a variety of paid internship opportunities at UNAVCO < during Summer 2017. There are opportunities for undergraduates and graduate students with activities from conducting scientific research to software engineering to geoscience communication and outreach! See below and visit the UNAVCO Student Opportunities website < for more information.

RESESS [Research Experiences in Solid Earth Science for Students] is a paid summer research internship program for upper-level undergraduates. RESESS is dedicated to increasing the diversity of students entering the geosciences.

Geo-Launchpad is a paid summer internship for Colorado community college students.

USIP [UNAVCO Student Internship Program] is a summer internship that offers graduate and upper-level undergraduate students the opportunity to learn various aspects of geodesy research and education (see below for specific internship opportunities).

RESESS applications are due February 1 and all other applications are due February 15.

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