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Started: 2006-03-06 17:11:50
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Robert Casey
2006-03-06 17:11:50

Dear Members of the SAC Development Group

In order for the SAC developer community to be better served by IRIS
DMC's custodianship of the SAC source code control system, we are
offering a point of contact at the DMC that SAC developers can count
on to help them with CVS checkout/commit procedures and any other
issues dealing with concurrent development. Chris Laughbon, a Senior
Software Engineer at IRIS DMC has graciously offered to fill this
role, which we refer to as the SAC Development Coordinator.

Chris is an ideal choice because of his own hands-on experience with
the SAC source code, having developed a DHI client for SAC to allow
seamless access to data and metadata via CORBA.* He is also familiar
with using CVS for projects here at the DMC, so he should be able to
address many questions that the developer community may have with
regard to maintaining the source code control system. His experience
in C/C++ programming is extensive and he has developed GUI
applications in both X Windows and Java environments.** For many
years, he has maintained and authored components of the 'rdseed'
application, which provides the capability of converting SEED files
to SAC format.

SAC-DHI is currently under evaluation for release to the sac-dev
group to examine and comment on its functionality and stability.
With approval from the sac-dev group, we will feel comfortable
releasing the software for public access under the currently licensed
release guidelines.

I hope to hear your comments on this proposal and how IRIS DMC can
better serve the SAC community through source code stewardship and
developer support. Chris Laughbon can be contacted at
chris<at> .

Thank you for your time,

Robert Casey
Director of Software Engineering
IRIS Data Management Center

* Please refer to the IRIS Electronic Newsletter Article - "Project
Focus: SAC DHI", Volume VII, Number 4

** Referring to IRIS applications: WEED, JWeed, and Vase

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