Thread: CGU 2017 Meeting Call for Abstracts: Geophysical Studies of Structure and Tectonics of the Canadian Cordillera

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Dear Colleagues,

The 2017 Canadian Geophysical Union (CGU) Annual Scientific Meeting will take place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, May 28-31, 2017 ( We would like to invite you to contribute an abstract to Session SE01:

Geophysical Studies of Structure and Tectonics of the Canadian Cordillera

Session Description:
The Canadian Cordillera exhibits highly variable past and present tectonic interactions along its western margin with important consequences on the structure, geology and deformation of the crust and uppermost mantle. Despite past (e.g., Lithoprobe) and current (e.g., Earthscope Transportable Array) large-scale efforts to image crust and upper mantle structure in this area, several key scientific questions remain to be addressed. Example questions include: What is the nature of the Cordillera-Craton transition at crustal and upper mantle depth? How is current deformation distributed within the Cordillera? What is the importance of tectonic inheritance in controlling Cordilleran evolution? An opportunity is currently emerging to expand the coverage of geophysical monitoring sensors (seismic, GNSS) and supporting geoscience activities all across the Canadian Cordillera, from the Beaufort Sea to the US borders – the Canadian Cordillera Array (CCArray) initiative. This session aims to bring together Earth scientists who work on deciphering the structure and processes associated with the evolution and current deformation of the Canadian Cordillera, in anticipation of CCArray. We seek contributions from geophysics, seismology, geodynamics, tectonics, structural geology, petrology, geochronology and related fields that yield constraints on the thermal and compositional structure as well as active deformation of the crust and mantle through field observations, laboratory studies and numerical modeling.

Invited Speaker:
Martyn Unsworth, University of Alberta

Pascal Audet, University of Ottawa
David Eaton, University of Calgary
Roy Hyndman, Pacific Geoscience Centre/University of Victoria
Andrew Schaeffer, University of Ottawa

Abstract submission deadline: February 15, 2017
Submit abstracts at:

We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver.
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