Thread: Re: SAC libraries - more detail & more complication

Started: 2008-03-11 00:08:15
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Hi Fiona,

I realize you are short of time, but perhaps these workarounds could be

I don't know if this would be helpful, but (like a lot of folks), I have
a matlab m-file that reads in SAC time series files. Likewise there is
another that can write from Matlab to SAC. Perhaps this would be useful
in that you could read in the SAC files and then convert them to the
proper format for the surf. wave code to do it's stuff.

I also have matlab code to do multi-channel cross-correlation. It
needs the signal-processing toolbox to run (as it uses function "xcor").
You are welcome to this. It aint pretty, but it's worked fine for me on
surface waves and S-waves.

Well, enough talk of Matlab on a SAC mail list!


Derek Schutt

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