Thread: GSA Annual Meeting Topical Session T238 Geologic and Geophysical Characterization: A Key to Modeling Explosive Sources

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We wanted to make you aware of a Topical Session that may be of interest to you at the upcoming Geological Society of America Fall Meeting, which will be October 22-25, 2017 in Seattle this year. The abstract deadline is August 1st.

T238 Geologic and Geophysical Characterization: A Key to Modeling Explosive Sources

Understanding the effect, both transient and permanent, of highly energetic events is important for a variety of topics including national security, mineral extraction, and construction. Recent advances in both sensing and modeling have led to a wealth of new information and advanced predictive capabilities. However, the effects and signatures of subsurface and surface explosions, including impact events and industrial accidents, depend strongly on the surrounding 3D geologic structure. Hence, a full understanding of the surrounding media is essential for accurate prediction. Variations in lithology, material properties, jointing, porosity, ground water level, and other characteristics appear to provide strong controls on the observed signatures, but a comprehensive quantitative understanding does not yet exist. These signatures include transient effects such as seismic waves, spall, and ejecta as well as longer-term features such as surface fractures, subsidence or uplift, landslides and rock fall. Substantial changes in subsurface structure and properties including density, elastic parameters, permeability, and microstructure also occur. We invite contributions on all research related to the topic, which may include first-principles calculations, observational studies such as remote sensing and surface measurements, novel techniques, post-event subsurface characterization, and all other topics related to explosion phenomenology.

Conveners: Catherine M. Snelson, LANL; Robert Mellers, LLNL; and Hunter A. Knox, SNL

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