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*Registration is open for the 2017 Ocean Bottom Seismology Symposium!*

The Ocean Bottom Seismograph Instrument Pool (OBSIP) Management Office
will be hosting a symposium to promote the science and applications of
ocean bottom seismographs for geophysics research.

The 2017 OBS Symposium
will be held September 18-19 in Portland, Maine. Attendance at the 2015
OBS Symposium exceeded 100 scientists, engineers and fleet managers and
included a strong international and early career scientist presence.

Speakers will include:

Emilie Hooft - University of Oregon
Paul Johnson - University of Washington
Catherine Rychert - University of Southampton
Ross Parnell-Turner - WHOI
Anne Sheehan - University of Colorado Boulder
Gail Christeson - UTIG
Xiaowei Chen - University of Oklahoma
Suzanne Carbotte - LDEO
Natalie Accardo - LDEO
Karin Sigloch - Oxford University
Jennifer Harding - UTIG
Uri ten Brink - USGS
William Wilcock - University of Washington
Anne Trehu - Oregon State University
Haiying Gao - University of Massachusetts Amherst
Dara Merz - University of Alaska Fairbanks
Monica Kohler - Caltech
Emily Roland - University of Washington
Colton Lynner - University of Arizona
Brandon Shuck - UTIG

The agenda will include a special session on active plate boundaries
dedicated to Kirk McIntosh. In addition to presentations from the above
speakers, we will also have forums on Community Insights Regarding the
Future of OBS Facilities, Future Technologies and Open Source Software.

Registration for the workshop is now open at the OBSIP website Partial
participant travel support will be available for US-based researchers
only. *For consideration, you must register by August 9th.*

Please plan to join us!

Brent Evers
Project Manager
OBSIP Management Office
Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
1200 New York Avenue, NW
Suite 400
brent.evers<at> <brent.evers<at>>

Kasey Aderhold, Ph.D.
Project Associate | IRIS OBSIP Management Office
202-407-7019 |kasey<at>

Kasey Aderhold, Ph.D.
Project Associate | IRIS OBSIP Management Office
202-407-7019 | kasey<at>

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