Thread: Mine Seismologist position at Institute of Mine Seismology (Australia)

Started: 2017-08-08 19:06:28
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The Institute of Mine Seismology (IMS) is looking for a young driven
scientist to strengthen their mine seismology group. This group works
out of the IMS head office in Tasmania (Australia).

You would work as part of the team assisting mines around the world to
process and analyse seismic data recorded by their IMS monitoring
systems. There would be occasional international and national travel to
mines as required. You would undertake applied research on problems of
mine seismology. You'd also work on scientific algorithm development,
prototyping and testing.

No prior experience with mine seismology required, although it would be

Minimum requirements:

* MSc in Seismology, Geophysics, Physics or Applied Mathematics (PhD

* Fluency in spoken and written English

* programming experience: at least a higher-level language like Matlab,
preferably a lower-level language and ideally Java.

Written and spoken fluency in Spanish, Portuguese or French would be

About IMS: The Institute of Mine Seismology is the world leader in
monitoring and modelling the seismic rock mass response to underground
and open pit mining. IMS operates in 34 countries and has offices in
South Africa and Canada, as well as head office in Tasmania, Australia.
There are around 55 staff at IMS.

To apply, please visit:


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