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2017-09-21 07:00:03
We are sending you a screenshot of our 2017-09-19 early prediction of
an imminent earthquake that we suggested might strike southern Mexico
(Guatemala or Honduras) by the passing of Hurricane Maria along the
northeastern boundary of the Caribbean plate (our prediction was sent
to several social media the morning of Tuesday the 19th and can be

In the same way that we proposed that there seem to have solid
cause-effect relationships between hurricane Irma and the 2017-09-08,
8.1 Chiapas earthquake (we are completing a serious and quantitative
paper to be submitted to the Journal "Atmospheric and Climate
Science"), we suggested that a similar seismic event could be imminent
in the vicinity of the northwestern tip of the Caribbean plate with
the arrival of hurricane Maria. This prediction seems to have been
verified with the 7.1 Raboso (Central Mexico) Earthquake that stroke
southern Mexico and Mexico D.F. yesterday.

Even if we are aware that most seismologists rejects any possibility
of cause-effects relantionships between powerful hurricanes and large
earthquakes, there is an abundant bibliography accepting the notion of
"climatequakes". In particular, the Russian seismologists have long
recognized the validity of these dual hurricane-earthquake coupling
events: e.g.; Dubrov et al., 2014. Earthquake and hurricane coupling
is ascertained by ground-based laser interferometer and satellite
observing techniques. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences,
Discuss, 2, 935-961.

We are sending a screenshot of our actual prediction for the Central
Mexico 7.1 earthquake (09-19-2017) and we would like to know if you
could display it as a figure in the Central Mexico Special Event of
the IRIS web page (together with he text we are sending with this mail).

Sincerely yours
Dr. Miguel Doblas
Research Scientist at the Geoscience Institute, CSIC-UCM (Spanish
Research Council and Complutense University)
José Gutiérrez Abascal 2, 28006 Madrid, Spain

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