Thread: Need help on cutting waveform (seismogram)

Started: 2017-11-20 05:38:33
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2017-11-20 05:38:33
I'm doing my reasearch about ambient noise. To process the data in the software, header (B E KZTime and KZDate) must be same in all data. To change it, i need to cut the unuse parts of seismogram. Is there any script that can do that? Cause i've tried CUTIM command, but the KZTime-KZdate and B-E wouldnt match.

If i synchronize it first, KZTime-KZdate in all data will be same. After that, i CUTIM it and B E values become same in all data but KZTime and KZdate back to the initial values.
So, i need solution for cutting the data,is there any solution?

Thank you

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